New Zealand Bullion Depository

Our mission is to provide the world’s best gold bullion storage facility with unparalleled service and discretion. Your gold bullion is allocated, segregated and secured in our Auckland facility that provides a world class level of peace of mind.

Strategically located in one of the safest countries in the world, New Zealand Bullion Depository provides private offshore gold storage for discerning individuals and groups. With state of the art technology and equipment we ensure secure wealth protection for this generation and beyond. In addition to providing secure gold storage services we also have the capability to supply bullion to any location in the world.    


New Zealand Bullion Depository recognises that true service goes beyond safeguarding your precious metals, but also to securing your peace of mind.


Even before the first safe was purchased, we have worked with specialised organisations to ensure that our service is the most comprehensively covered, understood, and secure we could create.


NZBD is dedicated to providing a service that exceeds expectations and gives you peace of mind. Every effort is taken to ensure uncompromised security at all times.

Located in Auckland New Zealand, New Zealand Bullion Depository brings first class security and service to one of the most secure and stable nations in the world. New Zealand is a strong contributing member of global institutions like the United Nations, ASEAN, APEC, OECD and the World Trade Organisation. It is regularly stated that New Zealand bats well above its weight on the global stage.

Auckland Airport is the hub for the South Pacific for flights, with many Asian flights transiting on their way to the USA, and conversely USA to Asia stopping off in Auckland.

We have situated New Zealand Bullion Depository on the periphery of Auckland Airport and outside of the main CBD to ensure that any local transit is short, discrete and secure.


New Zealand Bullion Depository specialises in allocated segregated physical gold and silver precious metal storage.


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