Secure Gold Storage

New Zealand Bullion Depository (NZBD) welcomes you to store your physical gold investment securely, fully segregated and insured at our world-class, state-of-the-art vault facility.

Headquartered in Auckland, New Zealand, NZBD is an operation uniquely positioned to provide convenient access to world-class secure gold storage. In addition New Zealand Bullion Dealers offers a premium service for purchasing and selling bullion.

Segregated gold bullion storage

Our state of the art operation offers only physically allocated and separated gold bullion storage. Through our rigorous processes and procedures your metal is never at risk of being comingled; you own and hold verified, catalogued and individually stored gold.

Easy access to your holdings

NZBD offers the options to view your holding remotely and to inspect your gold in person with our discreet drive in / drive out facilities.

NZBD is located on the periphery of Auckland Airport and outside the main CBD of Auckland to ensure that any local transit is short, discreet and secure. Utilising the convenience of Auckland Airport allows you to access your holding easily, with Auckland being the hub for South Pacific flights and many Asian flights transiting to and from the USA.

Comprehensive service

With NZBD gold storage is a seamless end to end service. We can arrange pickup and delivery to our vault of your gold held anywhere in the world. Alternatively you can ship in or drop off your gold to us yourself utilising our secure drive in / drive out facility assuring discretion throughout the process. Our network of experienced insured carriers allow for the safe and secure shipment of your gold to anywhere in the world should you require it, or you can arrange for it to be collected from our secure facility.

All-inclusive gold storage fee

NZBD offers a tiered storage service fee calculated on the total amount of gold held calculated on a daily basis. Our all-inclusive fee is competitive on the global market and invoiced at agreed intervals.


Enquire confidentially

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New Zealand

Renowned for its efforts to ensure transparent and corruption-free government

Known for imposing stiff penalties against bribery of officials and those who accept bribes

Founded on a legal system with a judiciary that has proven to function well and provides stability

A leading member of the Commonwealth of Nations

Where private property rights are very strongly protected, and contracts rigorously enforced

Consistently ranked in the top 3 countries worldwide for economic freedom and social policy


New Zealand Bullion Depository

A privately owned company operating in a globally respected country

In a geographically safe and geopolitically secure location

External to the banking and financial systems

Able to offer a comprehensive physical precious metal supply and purchase solution

Independent so there is no third party exposure in our operational structure



New Zealand Bullion Depository recognises that true service goes beyond safeguarding your precious metals, but also to securing your peace of mind.


Even before the first safe was purchased, we have worked with specialised organisations to ensure that our service is the most comprehensively covered, understood, and secure we could create.


NZBD is dedicated to providing a service that exceeds expectations and gives you peace of mind. Every effort is taken to ensure uncompromised security at all times.


New Zealand Bullion Depository specialises in allocated segregated physical gold and silver precious metal storage.


+64 9 551 0465



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